Semi Low Table Top Strapping Machines

Semi Low Table Top Strapping Machines
Price up to:- 35000.00 - 63000.00 INR
Minimum Time Duration :- 1
Price :-

Low Table Top Strapping Machines

With an objective to provide best quality machinery for every need and budget, we have been successfully serving domestic clients since 2000. Through years, we have become a specialist in manufacturing and supplying packaging machinery. Semi low table top strapping machine is one of the strapping machine which delivers consistent performance in a constant production environment. The low table top strapping machines give the operate an ease to put the package on, strap it and put it back on other side. This type of machine allows strapping of many hard packages (eg. cartons) on less time a person would take. Therefore, this type of machine enables increase in packaging speed and helps in timely dispatch of consignment.

Technical Specification

Model Low Table Top SP101L
Max Strap Size (mm) Not Stipulated
Min Strap Size (mm) 60x30
Strapping Speed (seconds) 1.5
Strap Width (mm) 6 - 15
Strapping Force 450
Working Table Height (mm) 500
Power Source (V/Hz) 220/50,1/4HP
External Dimensions (mm) 900 X 580 X 500
Weight (kg) 85