Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Price up to:-
Minimum Time Duration :- 1
Price :- 43000 INR

Semi Auto Strapping Machine

The company is well known its A one quality packaging machinery. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying semi automatic strapping machines, used for dispensing, tightening and sealing straps around package. After the strap tightens around the package, it automatically its ends with a secure heat weld. What makes this fully semi automatic strapping machine different is its speed, user-friendly controls, portability, and last but not the least its cost. One can easily avail this type of machine from us, contact us today. As soon as we receive the order, we make it a priority and execute production process 24/7 and provide minimum turnarounds.

Technical Specification

Model Table Top SP101 H (Economics)
Max Strap Size (mm) Not Stipulated
Min Strap Size (mm) 60x30
Strapping Speed (seconds) 1.5
Strap Width (mm) 6 - 15
Strapping Force 450
Working Table Height (mm) 750
Power Source (V/Hz) 220/50,1/4HP
External Dimensions (mm) 900 X 580 X 750
Weight (kg) 90