Meal Tray Sealing Machine

Meal Tray Sealing Machine
Price up to:- 18000.00 - 150000.00 INR
Minimum Time Duration :- 1
Price :-

Meal Tray Sealing Machine is a fast and efficient packaging solution for food industries and restaurants that allows you to make a thin protective layer over plates and trays by using highly elastic food grade plastic stretch film. It is in high demand among our customers due to its easy use and high sealing speed in between 8 to 10 containers per minute. Meal Tray Sealing Machine requires an alternating power up to 300 watts for controlled and efficient functioning. 

Technical Specification

Model SPTS-305 5 P SPTS -300 8 P
Container Size(mm) 305x230 305x230
Sealing Speed (Container/min) 8-10 8-10
Power (w) 300 300
Film Size(mm) 800 800