Cup Sealing Machine

Cup Sealing Machine
Price up to:- 18000.00 - 150000.00 INR
Minimum Time Duration :- 1
Price :-

Cup Sealer


This high performance Cup Sealing Machine can be availed in two models. This equipment can seal cups having 95 mm to 123 mm dimension range. Its sealing speed is 25 to 30 cups in every minute. This system requires 300W power to operate. Sealing film diameter used by this Cup Sealing Machine ranges between 140mm to 160 mm. Simple to operate, this equipment comprises of advanced film sensor to seal cup mechanically. Sealing knife of this machine is wear proof and has long working life. Both sides of this standard grade equipment have double pin system to avoid any error.

Technical Specification

Model SPTS-95 SPTS -123
Cup Diameter(mm) 95 123
Sealing Speed (Cups/min) 25-30 25-30
Power (w) 300 300
Film Size(mm) 140 160