Box Strech Wrapping Machine

Box Strech Wrapping Machine
Price up to:- 95000.00 - 300000.00 INR
Minimum Time Duration :- 1
Price :-

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

 LP Luggage wrapper is designed to stretch wrap luggage and related items for security purposes in an airport setting. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them become damaged and the plastic and closing label cannot be removed and replaced by a thief.  wrapped luggage can easily be separated and identified. 

Material Usage :- 
  Machine use a standard type of stretch film to cover over the baggage. 
The film is recyclable. The stretch film should be manual stretch film.
Specification :-
                       Width 500 mm
                       Thickness 20-25 microns
                       Length 500 meters or 300 meters
                       Weight 3 kg, 5 kg.

Technical Specification:-


SPBW 600

Machine Size (L*W*H)


Packing Size (L*W*H)


Turntable Speed(rpm/min)

27 rpm

Turntable Height (mm)

460 mm

Electrical requirement ( V/Hz)

220V / 50Hz / 1 Phase

Power (Kw)

0.37 Kw

Turntable Loading (kg)

70 kg

Packing Efficiency

30-60 Loads / Hour

Machine Weight (kg)

100 kg